Pit Stop Challenge

The ultimate in fast-paced action and excitement. Test your skills to see if you are ready for the pit crew– challengers can compete in head to head action to see who can switch out their tire in the fastest time!

Race Car Simulator Competition

Compete against 7 others in this thrilling computer simulated race track experience! This racing experience allows up to 8 racers.

Slot Car Races

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, everyone loves slot cars.

Match Car or Lego Derby Games

Use one of our metal die cast cars or build your own mini lego car and compete against others!

Adult Trike Races

Grab your friends and see if you can beat them on the Trike Challenge Course!

Kid’s Auto Zone Includes:

Paint wooden cars
• Make a car from blocks
• Make license plates
• Make sun catchers
• Color a life size car mural
• Sidewalk chalk